Over $3M raised to help you navigate your finances

November 9, 2023

Alex Norcliffe
Co-founder & CEO
Lindsay Brady
Co-founder & COO

Hey! I’m Alex and, alongside my co-founder Lindsay, we’re excited to introduce you to Era — an all-in-one personal finance platform that uses AI to help you make more of your money.

Era was born from personal experience, ambition, and the belief that it should be easy for anyone to make smart, personalized financial moves. Starting today, you can sign up to request early access to what we’ve been building. Read on to hear more about how we got to where we are today.

Humble beginnings

The inspiration behind Era is deeply personal for both of us. Our team comes from modest US and European backgrounds and we were fortunate to end up with successful careers at industry heavyweights like Stripe, Square, Apple, and Google. But our journey through the corporate world wasn’t just about climbing the ladder, it was a hurried education. We each became acutely aware of the financial knowledge gap that exists, and struggled to find everyday, easy tools to help us keep on top of bills, taxes, and investments. Alex had never dreamed of owning stock before his job at Square, and Lindsay often recalls how her financial education started and stopped with balancing a checkbook.

AI has quickly become part of our daily lives, and in it we see a generational opportunity to remove complexities in the financial system. Money is harder than it should be. There’s far too much to keep in our heads at any one time while also earning the money in the first place. You either have to be a professional expert, or wealthy enough to employ one, or you’re left to fend for yourself across banks, investing and trading apps, tax filing, budgeting… The list goes on.

That’s why we’re building Era, and why now is the time for AI to help. Most people just want to know where to put their money, when to move it, and sleep well at night knowing the obvious stuff is sorted. In essence, that’s our mission — financial knowledge and security for everyone, no matter how complex the world gets.

GPS for your money

We recognize that your money is in various places today, and we’re not here to tell you to transfer it all to Era just to get started. No matter where your money is, Era ensures your money will work for you. All you have to do is chat with it, like texting a financially savvy friend.

  • Actionable Insights: Securely connect your bank and payroll accounts, and Era learns about your spending habits, financial position, and taxes — a 360° view of your finances. Then, you can ask questions about your own personal circumstances, like building a plan to pay off student loan debt, how your spending has changed over the last 6 months, or what subscriptions you have. You can ask Era about news and current events or for an opinion about how they might affect the market and your finances. Want to move money, rebalance your portfolio, or round up your spending into your savings accounts? Just ask Era.
  • AI and human expertise: We believe the best solution is to pair AI with human expertise — especially when dealing with your money. We combine advanced models with the experience and wisdom of human advisors, so that we can personalize responses uniquely to you, from providing budgeting ideas to rebalancing investment portfolios. You can even follow the strategies of leading investors—not just a copy of their trades, but the way they would trade if they had your financial setup.
  • Real-time analysis and news you can use: By integrating macroeconomic data, news about financial markets, and current events that could impact you, Era refines its recommendations all the time — with a glanceable timeline of updates so you can stay in the loop as you go about your day.
  • Affordability and accessibility: We’re committed to keeping Era accessible. The product is rolling out as a freemium version, with paid tiers based on usage and utility. Unlike most financial companies, from 401k providers to financial managers, we’re not charging based on a percentage of your assets.

Backing our vision

Our mission has resonated with many, so we’re also thrilled to announce seed funding of over $3 million to provide the capital to make personal finance easy and accessible — for everyone. The investment is led by Northzone and supported by Protagonist, Designer Fund, and esteemed angel investors from Stripe, Netflix, Pipe, Google, and Plaid. Their support is a testament to the confidence in our vision and the change we aspire to create, and we’re grateful they’re joining us on this journey.

A new Era of finance

Money is harder than it should be. We’re here to fix that, and we can’t wait to help. Sign up here to request early access, and DM us at @mymoneyera to let us know what you want to be able to do with your finances.