Build your financial future in minutes

January 24, 2024

The Era team

Nothing says “adulthood” like the nagging feeling you should be doing more with your finances. If you’ve ever punted balancing your budget to the following month or considered spending an evening researching retirement funds, you know this feeling well. It always seems like there are endless things we could each be doing with our money, and never enough time to research and evaluate them — let alone do them.

So, what if you could kick the grunt work out and let a bit of smart automation do the heavy lifting?

That’s our vision with Era: an AI-powered financial assistant that can be your guide to the world of finance. Through getting to know you, your habits and goals, and incorporating insights from seasoned financial professionals, macroeconomic trends, and thousands of other data points, we take the guesswork out of planning your finances — now and in the future.

Era provides financial planning that’s as personalized as your Spotify playlist, as available as your 24/7 corner store, and as relatable as your childhood friend.

How we make magic happen (or just really smart tech)

By blending cutting-edge AI with a braintrust of human experts, we’ve designed our product to be your one-stop-shop for all things finance. Got stocks, a side gig, and a burning desire to head to the beach for a week for vacation? No problem. We’ve got tools for that. You can rebalance your portfolio, switch up your budget, or even create a new vacation fund—all with a few commands.

Spend more time doing… literally anything else

On average, Americans spend less than two minutes a day attempting to manage their household finances. Meanwhile, they also spend over 85 hours a month watching TV — that’s nearly 100 times more than on finances. At Era, we believe that you don’t need to clock endless hours sifting through investment options or calculating monthly expenses to be on top of your money. You can binge watch your latest obsession and have your money work for you — at the same time.

Like many of you, we were tired of having to use financial plans that didn’t totally meet our needs and excited about the possibility of AI, so we began thinking about a tool that could help navigate the world of finances — tailored to each of us. The result? Our technology doesn’t just know finance, it learns your habits and understands your goals. As you interact with Era, it adjusts its recommendations and strategies based on your behavior. It’s like if your gym trainer also understood your deep-rooted aversion to burpees and gave you an alternative—every single time.

Knowledge is power

And we’re not just learning from you. While other apps might just be monitoring your checking and savings account, Era goes further. You might not have the time (or interest) to devour the latest FCC filing of TK company, but Era does. And Era does it in minutes, not hours, using financial data from dozens of sources to inform our constantly evolving recommendations. Behind the scenes, our algorithms are working hard to make sense of a variety of data points: your spending habits, market trends, and even the latest interest rates. It’s this depth of analysis that makes us more than just another app — we’re your financial wingman, helping you make better choices without feeling like you have to moonlight as a financial planner.

Goodbye, spreadsheet fatigue

If the idea of staring at a blank spreadsheet makes you break out in a cold sweat, fear not. (If it doesn’t, we’re hiring.) Era helps run the numbers behind the scenes. Say you want to pick the right way to invest a couple hundred dollars a month, or the best savings account to stash a rainy day fund? Era will filter through hundreds of options, understanding the pros and cons and surface the best for you. By automating the dull bits, we’re giving you the time to focus on what truly matters.

You’re still in the driver’s seat

When it comes to your money, even the most flexible and carefree among us can agree: surprises are bad. You’re not simply handing the reins over to a machine, you’re calling the shots. Era is designed to keep you informed every step of the way.

Era is your golden ticket out of financial grunt work while taking control of your financial future. So why spend your weekends crunching numbers, when you could be out living your best life? Just a couple of clicks, and you’re off to the races. Get involved today.