Make more of your money

At Era, we’re proud to be backed by a group of globally recognized venture capitalists, pioneering funds, and visionary individuals who share our mission to transform the landscape of personal finance.

Our Team

For us, the mission is personal

We’re fintech builders from modest backgrounds. We had to solve our own financial maze, and now we are simplifying it for others.

Alex Norcliffe
Alex NorcliffeCo-founder & CEO

Alex is a creator with a cause: making finance simple and accessible for all. His path kicked off at Square, where he took finance into his own hands, using Robinhood’s API to shape a prototype. The seed for Era was sown—a tool to let everyone steer their financial ship. A fusion of design knack and engineering savvy, Alex boasts a resume with key roles at giants like Square, Apple, and Google. At Stripe, he led the Design & Product front, pioneering platforms like, Stripe Press, and Increment. Alex’s vision? To simplify finance, offering everyone a chance to manage their money without diving into Wall Street or pricey wealth management.

Lindsay Brady
Lindsay BradyCo-founder & COO

The world of fintech might have been an unexpected turn for Lindsay, but when she saw Alex’s blueprint for Era, she was all in. Having experienced first-hand the struggle of grasping finance while at Stripe, she recognized the gap Era could fill. Not just a startup, but a real game changer. Armed with experience leading teams at Stripe, Google Play, and Samsung, Lindsay combines her design background with solid operational knowledge. Her time at Big Spaceship and Fantasy, managing and scaling production teams, has honed her leadership and delivery skills. Now, Lindsay channels that expertise into Era, developing an easy-to-use financial toolbox for everyone.

Adam Murray
Adam MurrayEngineer

Adam is a software engineer known for his adaptability and love for learning, and is also a patient teacher. His significant contributions at Stripe and as a Senior Software Engineer at DIY showcase his ability to excel in challenging, dynamic environments. Adam, the kind of engineer you’d pick first in a playground kickball team, now adds his versatile software knowledge to Era.

Jonnie Hallman
Jonnie HallmanPrincipal Design Engineer

Jonnie’s talent for intuitive web interactions shines through in his work. Founder of Cushion, a startup conceived out of his own financial struggles as a freelancer, he understands firsthand the power of ‘peace of mind’ when in control of your finances. His stint at Stripe saw him leading design engineering for and various product landing pages. His freelance work includes creating animations for Casper and building websites for Dropbox’s Carousel and Mailbox apps. A design aficionado, Jonnie now brings his passion for finance and a love for sharing his process to the Era team.