We’re bridging the gap between financial access and ambition.

about us

We’re on a mission to democratize financial freedom. Era puts cutting-edge AI technology and the wisdom of seasoned financial advisors where they belong: right at your fingertips.


At Era, we’re proud to be backed by a group of globally recognized venture capitalists, pioneering funds, and visionary individuals who share our mission to transform the landscape of personal finance.

Alex Norcliffe
Co-founder & CEO
Alex is a creator with a cause: making finance simple and accessible for all. A Brit with a European take on how to shake up the finance system. Alex cut his teeth at Square, Cash App, and Stripe and sometimes murmurs financial APIs when sleeping.
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Lindsay Brady
Co-founder & COO
A bodybuilder and COO extraordinaire, Lindsay has led teams at Stripe, Google Play, and Samsung and combines her design background with ops aplenty.
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Adam Murray
Head of Foundation Engineering
A decade in fintech, half of it at Stripe, and Adam knows a thing or two about what's wrong with finance and how to fix it.
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Jonnie Hallman
Head of Design Engineering
Jonnie led design engineering for Stripe.com, Casper, Adobe, Dropbox -- if you've seen it, Jonnie built it (in spirit).
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